Healthy Grilling Tips that no One Tells You About!

Undoubtedly, grilling is a way of life for many. If you’re fond of cooking outdoors, grilled food fits your list of food items. From chicken, fish, fruits to vegetables, grilling is a fun way of preparing all sorts of delicacies.  Again, you can use a cast-iron plancha grill, or a barbecue grill- the choice is all yours! But, how you grill your food determines your health status.

Here’s how to grill healthy yet yummy dishes:

  1. Clean your grill often.

A clean grill is a must, if at all; you value that unique taste in your food. If you don’t start with a clean grill, you’ll transfer flavors to the next meal. Use a robust metal brush and clean the grates after cooking. The process is easier when your grill is still hot. Avoid flipping your food continuously; the fewer times you do this, the better.

  1. Choose your proteins wisely.

Why not pick those leaner and healthier cuts? Maybe you’re used to grilling fatty meat, but it’s now time to go for healthier choices. Consider chicken breasts, skinless chicken, lean ground poultry, and fish. When grilled right, your loved ones won’t even miss that red meat. If they do, limit it for it contains more saturated fat.

  1. Watch your portions

If you have just bought a new plancha grill, you may want to grill almost everything. What a good experience? But, do you know that a 3 oz is an excellent portion for all meat types! Don’t be tempted to consume more; there are still side dishes and other deliciously grilled fruits and vegetables.

  1. Pay attention to the side dishes.

You may grill the healthiest white meat, but a wrong choice of side dishes spoils everything. Ditch your usual side dishes like potato salads and coleslaw; they have high amounts of sugars and saturated fats. Instead, opt for healthier versions and incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables. For instance, make healthy yet colorful vegetable kebabs, and bean salads-the choices are endless.

  1. Use natural marinades

Natural herbs and spices are healthy and will add natural flavor to your food. They help with constipation and weight loss and will limit the amount of salt on your marinade. What’s more? Natural herbs come with numerous health benefits. They guard you against health conditions like diabetes, cancer, inflammation, and heart disease.

  1. Acquire a thermometer

It won’t be easy to tell when your meat is at the right temperature by a simple touch. With a thermometer, you’ll conduct a quick check and avoid eating undercooked or overcooked meat. But, be sure to undercook your food slightly. If using the best plancha grill, you’ll cook super fast, but your food will continue cooking once it leaves the grill.

  1. Use whole grain in hotdogs & Burgers.

If you’re planning to grill hotdogs or burgers, choose whole-grain buns or bread. They are healthier and will provide fiber and flavor. Also, make open-face burgers or lettuce wraps to watch your calorie intake.

 A quick wrap up

 Follow the above tips for a more nutritious barbequing and enjoy the health benefits. If you don’t have a plancha grill yet, it’s never too late! Shop online for the best, and enjoy preparing different recipes either indoors or in your backyard.

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