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7 Ways To Deliciously Adapt a Pornstar Martini

Calling all passion fruit and wordplay lovers! Say “hello” to the Pornstar Martini. Taking a playful spin on this cocktail’s passionate fruit centerpiece, this tasty drink is the perfect way to add a fruity buzz to your night with friends, movies and some board games.

In general, this drink is was ideal for those who can laugh at quirky humor and sometimes inappropriate jokes. Even if you are not a fan of the name though, you can call it something else if it means you will drink it. Without a doubt, it is a winner. Containing Absolut Vanilia, passion fruit and vanilla syrup, this martini will win your tastebuds over regardless of how you feel about its name. Why does the fun have to stop there, though? Check out these seven ways to make it even tastier!

1. Add Pomegranate Syrup

If you have never tried a Pornstar Martini, the first thing that may strike you about the flavor is its fruitiness. To really add to the power of this experience, add in a few drops of all-natural pomegranate syrup to add a nice blending zest. Before your first sip, you will love the pleasant smells. A mix of tropical heaven, this add-in will make your day much brighter.

2. Add Raspberries

For a more tangy addition of fruit, consider throwing in a few raspberries. While you can choose to use either whole raspberries or syrup, whole raspberries may offer the smoothest taste after soaking in the syrup and Vanilia components.

3. Add Cherries

Cherries also make a great fruity addition. Distinct from both pomegranate and raspberry flavors, they still offer a nice complement option for the Pornstar Martini’s underlying passion fruit flavors. For those who prefer drinks on the sweetest of sweet sides, adding cherries can be a solid choice.

4. Add Jalapenos

On the opposite side of sweet is spicy. If you are looking for a different kind of kick in your martini that wakes you up and makes you say, “Wow!” then chop up some jalapenos and throw them into your drink the next time you mix one of these together. Start slow and do not add too many at once.

5. Add Chocolate

Going back to the sweeter side of things, another tasty option for sweets lovers is adding a bit of chocolate syrup to your Pornstar Martini. Perhaps a bit unconventional, it is no less unique and potentially tasty… depending on your preferences. For an easy way to add some in, try chocolate syrup, or for more subtle hints, try throwing in small candies that can dissolve.

6. Add Salt

For these last two additions, think back to margaritas. Who said those were the only cocktails that you can add salt or sugar to? No one knows, but it seems someone told every restaurant because margaritas are the ones that servers most often associate with this practice. If you are someone who loves the tanginess that salt adds but tequila is not your cup of (figurative) tea, try adding salt to other mixed drinks that you enjoy.

7. Add Sugar

Although a less common practice than putting salt on the rim of margaritas, many people also put sugar along the rims them. Of course, your preference will depend on your individual tastebuds, but if you prefer the sweeter side of things, this can be a nice way to add a sweet touch to your Pornstar concoction.

With these seven tasty tips to consider, have you thought of any others? Do not be afraid to test your creativity and at-home bartending skills. Whatever you do, there are countless ways to make this delicious drink even more impressive.

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