Commercial Refrigeration Appliances and Common Issues

Whether you are a beginner or have been in the foodservice industry for a while, the chances are that you understand how challenging it is to keep food fresh for a longer duration. Refrigeration is a growing necessity in any commercial catering business that even smaller ventures need for efficient operation.

However, not any refrigeration appliance can work effectively. For instance, The quality of reach in refrigerators is paramount when dealing with any commercial kitchen service. Therefore, it is essential to invest in a reliable refrigeration solution that gives you the services you need.  

What is commercial refrigeration?

A commercial fridge is a cooling appliance designed for busy professional catering services. They come with features that make them stand out from domestic fridges.

What are factors to consider when acquiring commercial refrigeration appliances?

Here are critical factors to consider when investing in cooling solutions for your foodservice business.

  • The brand. Invest some time in online research and choose a reputed refrigeration brand. The best brand will always ensure the best value for all their appliances.
  • Energy efficiency. Choose the cooling device that doesn’t lead to massive electricity bills. Furthermore, the appliance should also be environmentally friendly.
  • Air will not circulate effectively in an overloaded refrigerator. Therefore, the unit should come with sufficient ability to accommodate the desired volume of produce.

Common issues with Commercial Refrigeration

It is normal for commercial refrigerators to develop problems, whether it’s brand new or secondhand. Most of which occur during the busiest times. The most common issues associated with commercial refrigeration systems include:

Failure to maintain temperature

A dirty condenser, an undercharged refrigerant, and a broken compressor are the most common cause of loss of temperature. Listen to your refrigerator and let it be inspected by a technician if you don’t hear a constant humming sound. Most importantly, make sure the temperatures are within the right range.

Ice buildup Issues

Ice buildup in the refrigerator is associated with a failure evaporator fan. Check and clean the evaporator and the drain lines to ensure they’re not clogged.

Commercial Refrigeration Making Noises

While notice is common to come out of a commercial refrigerator due to fans, compressor failure motors, and the compressor, strange noises emanating from the unit may be due to a misaligned fan motor, compressor failure, or other issues. Call a technician when you hear strange noises.

Maintenance Tips for commercial refrigeration

A commercial refrigerator is essential to your business. It is, therefore, worth performing routine checkups. Here are the common maintenance tips to keep commercial refrigeration clean.

Clean the entire unit regularly

Have a cleaning routine of your entire refrigeration unit using proper cleaning solutions and materials on a stainless steel exterior. Use a r soft brush or washcloth to clean the surface. Lastly, avoid using abrasive scrubbers or chlorine cleaners.

Clean the Condenser Coil

Dirt or dust makes it difficult for your condenser coil to maintain the temperature. Clean the condenser coil regularly as per the manufacturer’s recommended duration. Strictly read the user manuals to understand specific cleaning tips.

Check the Gaskets Often

Any crack in the door gaskets can prevent the door from sealing shut. Read the manufacture’s instructions and replace the gaskets appropriately.

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