5 Reasons to Let Loose with Some Tequila

Getting ready for a party? Maybe just trying to loosen up with a drink and enjoy a Covid-free evening by yourself. Whatever the reason is, you can be sure that the best drink to hand out today is – tequila.

All traditions have their drinks and they think it’s the best. The Russians have the Vodka, the Germans have the Jaeger, and the Mexicans have the Tequila. It is made of the original agave plant and it’s like no other drink in the world. Learn more about Tequila on this link.

Why? Because of many reasons. Some of them you probably know, and others are complete news to you. In this article, we’re sharing a couple of things that you might not know so far and will be surprised to learn about. Follow up to see what they are!

1. It is darn tasty

That’s it! That’s the subtitle. We can leave it to hang in there just like that. There’s nothing more to add than it is one of the tastiest drinks it was ever produced on this planet.

It is made from agave, which is a plant growing only in certain parts of the world. It grows only in some Mexican parts and the best product comes from growing at more than 1500 meters height.

People drink it as a shot or mix it with other drinks. One of the beverages that are most used by bartenders is tequila.  You can find it in a bunch of cocktails and some of them are highly popular. The most famous one is probably Tequila sunrise, which was an inspiration even for songs.

2. Goes well with food

Since this is a drink coming from Mexico, a country surrounded by water, it’s only logical that this goes best with seafood. People love consuming grilled seafood with it, but also tacos, asparagus, tomatoes, and other stuff.

The options are endless actually, and it is all a matter of taste, but there’s no doubt that you can always experiment with something new. Take a look at Eating in Cleveland, a blog about food in this US city that strongly favors this Mexican drink as a part of their regular dish.

3. Its healthy

It’s hard to believe that someone else can write this about the drink from their country. Although Germans make quite a competition with its Jaeger made from a ton of plants, the Tequila is actually healthy for many direct reasons.

One of them being lowering blood sugar. Instead of taking shots of insulin for it every day, you can just get a shot of this and feel free for the rest of the day.

Another one is the fight against cholesterol. The agave inside lowers the triglycerides inside your body, which provides better cholesterol levels.

How about numbing the pain, or helping you sleep? Well okay, this is just one of the many alcohol benefits, but this one comes without the side effects, like giving you a headache.

4. Won’t give you a headache

Yes, you read it right. This magical drink gives you no headaches. If someone stands up to argue that they experienced something completely opposite, they should know that they’ve been drinking something that’s far from original Tequila.

The potion that comes from the mountains in Mexico is not going to give you headaches. It’s just that magical. You can get wasted and wake up the next morning without feeling like a truck ran over you. Of course, unless you didn’t notice and a truck did run over you while you were passed out. It’s a powerful drink, it does get you really drunk.

5. Helps losing weight

Just like we mentioned above, it can lower the blood sugar levels in your body. In the same way, it affects the glucose inside which is one of the main reasons for you to get overweight. In other words, you can drink a shot per day, and see your glucose levels decrease. Read more on this here:

It’s not magical to just drink and lose weight. You’re not in a cartoon movie. You’ll still need to do some exercise and watch what you eat during the day.

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