Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth: The Best Dessert Places in Dubai

They say all you need is love, but the truth is all you need is a good dessert. There’s a special area in your body reserved for dessert even after a heavy meal. It’s all because dessert is always there for you, in good times and bad times. Hence, if you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, we’ve made a list of the best dessert places in Dubai.

At every corner of Palm Jumeirah, there’s a dessert shop waiting for you to try.

The Pointe

Let’s start at The Pointe, the ultimate destination for good food and a better view. To satisfy your sweet tooth, make sure you try one of the following places:

La Bella Vita

People say you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream,which is pretty much the same thing. It’s true because you can’t go wrong with icecream; it makes everyone feel better. Hence, if you want to try one of the best dessert shops in Palm Jumeirah, you should stop by La Bella Vita. There you’ll find some of the best Italian gelato, where you’ll cool offwithevery biteof their delicious concoctions.

Brunch and Cake Dubai

Life is too short to say no to cake, and that’s why after having a savoury meal, you’ll be diving into the dessert menu of Brunch and Cake. All the way from Barcelona, the restaurant’s food, and specifically the dessert, will blow you away. But, once you try their fluffy cakes, you’ll always come running back for more.


Sometimes a fresh cold cup of juice is what you need, especially in Dubai. At The Pointe, you’ll find everything you need and more. Stop by Juiced for a cold smoothie made with fresh fruits and vegetables. You’ll get your dose of vitamins and minerals and satisfy your sweet cravings at the same time..


We all know Starbucks. If you’re not grabbing a cup of coffee, you’ll be getting a snack or a decadent sweet drink. It’s all about meeting your coffee standards, the widely popular chain is found in almostevery corner of every neighborhood in Dubai, and The Pointe is no exception. Grab a deliciously blended Frappuccino or a piping hot cup of premium coffee and get a freshly baked cookie, muffin or cake to go with your drink.

Nakheel Mall

For some of the best dessert places in Dubai, or specifically Palm Jumeirah, there’s no need to go anywhere else. Here’s where you need to go for desserts when visiting Nakheel Mall:


You don’t know the true taste of chocolate until you tryLäderach. It’s the place where luxury and premium cacao meet. Läderach has made its way to Dubai all the way from Switzerland. They will meet and exceed the expectations of any chocolate addict, no matter the flavor they choose.


Since the 19th century, Ladurée has provided us with delicious macarons that have changed the world today. Throughout the years, the people’s love for their delicate, yet decadent macarons hasn’t changed.

A new unique flavor comes with every season at Ladurée,never leaving anyone behindwith their gluten-free menu made with their secret recipe that is unmatched anywhere else.

Royce’ Chocolate

There’s nothing like a bar of natural, rich, luxurious chocolate from Royce’ Chocolate. What makes their barsunique is that they use fresh, high-quality ingredients without any additives.


Haven’t you heard? Sugarmoo is known to be one of the best dessert stores in Dubai. They don’t offer visitors usual cakes that are found anywhere, as their freshly baked items are known for being extremely decadent and their frosting can’t be compared to any other store’s.

You can also order professionally executes custom cakes that will surely wow your guests.

Golden Mile Galleria

There’s something sweet everywhere you go in Palm Jumeirah, and Golden Mile Galleria offers plenty of options:


The ambiance, food, staff, and everything else at Torta will contribute to making your experience memorable. Start with appetizers, and end your dinner with a fabolousdessert from their bakery. Keep in mind, they have some of the best cheesecakes in Dubai.

Magnolia Bakery

A little corner of paradise is found at the center of Golden Mile Galleria. Magnolia Bakery is there to take you straugh to heart of New York City’s West Village with every bite. If you haven’t heard about their banana pudding, then you’re seriously missing out. Its made with layers of vanilla wafers, fresh bananas, and creamy vanilla pudding. Other options include cakes, frosted cupcakes, and bars, which are just as delicious.

If you haven’t been to Palm Jumeirah yet, then you haven’t had a taste of what the best dessert places in Dubai offer. Therefore, don’t miss out on your chance to try them out as you shoparound and enjoy your day at the man-made island.

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