Surviving the Pandemic as a Small Restaurant

Restaurants of all sizes have been hit hard by the pandemic. While things are picking back up and restrictions are getting more relaxed in many places, it seems like it’s still going to take some time for the whole situation to subside and for everything to get back to normal. As a restaurant owner, it can seem like a huge challenge to survive the pandemic, especially if your place is a smaller one. But if you put some effort into it early on, you can easily get around most of the problems that you’re going to face.

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Don’t Let Anyone Go Unless You Absolutely Have To

The situation can put a lot of strain on your finances at first, and this can lead to the harsh decision to start letting people go. This is a terrible way to approach this kind of situation though, and for multiple reasons. Putting aside the negative impact on the lives of affected employees (and you definitely shouldn’t put that aside in the first place), you’re also shooting yourself in the foot in the long term. The pandemic is going to go away eventually, and you risk finding yourself completely unprepared for the new wave of customers that will be rushing in through your doors when that happens. Finding new staff on short term and training them properly is going to be a massive pain, while you’ll also be dealing with morale issues across the board.

Prioritize Take-out and Delivery

Many restaurants have pivoted to take-out and delivery services for the time being. Some have completely shifted their business model to look in that direction, and it’s not a bad idea in general. Of course, not every type of restaurant is in an immediate position for this kind of change. But you can generally still do quite a lot with what you have in order to meet the growing demand for delivery services in these months. You might also be able to reduce your expenses on some fronts!

Know the Rules

Don’t forget that the pandemic also comes with lots of rules that apply to both businesses and their customers alike. This page can shed some quick light on the situation around restaurants, grocery stores, and similar businesses: Make it a point to familiarize yourself with these rules if you don’t want to face a nasty surprise at some point. You must also ensure that all your employees are on board with this, which can take some time and might require you to be harsh occasionally.

Be prepared for the fact that some of the changes you’re making now might end up being permanent. As we said above, some businesses have already shifted their major direction as a result of the pandemic, and it would be interesting to see how much more of this is coming up. One thing is certain at this point though – the pandemic isn’t something you can ignore and hope for the best. It requires the active attention and efforts of everyone involved.

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