How To Prepare Rice Perfectly

Rice is a staple food in many homes today. Perhaps it is so because it is an easy meal to prepare. However, the preparation of the rice hugely determines its outcome. Have you ever gone to a hotel only to be served rice that is too sticky? If so, chances are you probably did not enjoy your meal. While it may seem like an easy meal to prepare, not everyone knows how to do so, especially when it comes to preparing it for many people. Restaurants get so many rice orders in a day, and it is only proper if they offer well-cooked rice. That said, in this piece, we will be looking at some of the things you need to do your prepare good rice in your restaurant;

Buy good quality rice

There are different types of rice today, and the one you use largely determines its outcome. If you have a cook chill machine or an industrial rice cooker and the rice is of bad quality, then the final product will not be perfect. Therefore, the first thing that you want to do is to buy good quality rice. Go for the long grain rice as it has a good flavor and cooks well in the industrial electric cooker. The right quality of rice is not only tasty and aromatic, but its presentation is also very appealing.

Know the ratios

Another critical factor to consider is the ratios you use to cook the rice, that is, the rice to water ratio. Ideally, one cup of rice should cook in two cups of water. Getting the ratios right will ensure that the rice cooks well in that you won’t have some uncooked parts and cooked parts. You can also add a pinch of salt and some cooking oil to the boiling water before putting in your rice, but this entirely depends on your preference.

Use the right cooking equipment

There a lot of industrial cooking equipment such as the cook quench machine, mega oven, industrial cooker, and of course, a cook chill machine that you can have in your kitchen. An industrial rice cooker or a cook chill machine are some of the latest technologies that have made cooking rice very easy. The cook chill machine, for example, does all the job for you; the machine’s programmer automatically controls the temperatures and the cooking time of the rice. When the rice is fully cooked, a beeping sound notifies you that the rice is ready. You can then press a few buttons to enable the machine to transfer the rice to a cooling tank that prevents the rice from overcooking.

Cooking rice is not a cumbersome process; with the right quality of rice, exact ratios, and the right cooking equipment, then you are good to go. If you do not have an industrial rice cooker in your restaurant yet, it is about time to get one- It is without a doubt a good investment.

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