Difference Between Duck And Goose Foie Gras

Foie gras, one of the most famous food products in France, comes in two distinct forms such as Duck and Goose foie gras. Although Duck foie gras or goose foie gras, both of them are equally popular, there are certain differences between them. If you are a Foie gras lover, then by knowing these differences, you can explore your love more with this food product.

Difference Between Duck And Goose Foie Gras

Duck, which is a natural creature, has its fruitfulness when converted into a dish. On the other hand, Goose, which is often farmed for its meat, lacks in many aspects and becomes inferior to duck foie gras.

Here Are Some Important Differences Between These Two:

  • The color of duck foie gras is very appealing to the eyes than Goose foie gras. The former comes in exotic beige-orange and the latter comes in a light grey tone, which is often not satisfying to the eyes.
  • The Duck foie gras is much easier to cook as it takes lesser time than the Goose foie gras.
  • The minimum weight of duck foie gras is 300g whereas, goose foie gras comes in 400g minimum. So, if anyone wants to have 300g foie gras and that would be sufficient, in the case of goose foie gras, he/she has to go for 400g. Although this minimum weight differs in different countries.
  • The two differ in tastes as well to a great extent. Whereas Duck foie gras has a great and relieving taste, the foie gras made with goose liver is much less in it.
  • Goose liver is although bigger than Duck’s, and also apparently, after cooking it doesn’t completely meltdown like duck foie gras. This advantage makes Goose foie gras is a great product for people.

Even after these simple differences, bother Duck foie gras or goose foie gras is popular in France and many other countries. This is because they have the potential to satisfy the taste-buds of people greatly. It is because of these reasons, almost 80% of the people in France along with the foreigners in the country are in love with this food product. Although, due to its maximum inclusion of animal parts, it is going through several controversies. In fact, in countries where animal husbandry and force-feeding is illegal, this food product isn’t allowed. That is why French people, as the food is most popular in France, is trying to convert the dish into more natural substances. So, try either Duck foie gras or goose foie gras when you are in France and experience different to add to your food adventures.

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