5 International Street Food Dishes That You Shouldn’t Miss

Eating at a restaurant can be a great experience, one that is comfortable and luxurious. However, sometimes it isn’t what we are looking for. Instead, we sometimes crave a more exciting experience, one that sees us leaning into a food truck or watching the dazzling spectacle of a curbside chef as they cook over an open flame. This is street food and it is ubiquitous across the world.

It is unlikely that you have avoided all exposure to street food and every country seems to have some form that is duly celebrated. England, for example, has its fish and chips, the USA has hotdogs, and  Canada has its poutine. However, there are so many other examples that we are increasingly likely to see. So, whether you’re visiting the country of origin or you are taking a trip to a local international street food market, here are five dishes you don’t want to miss.


Hailing from China, this street food crepe is commonly eaten as a breakfast, although it can unashamedly be eaten at any time of day. Containing a mixture of fresh salads and cooked ingredients, such as meats, beans, and vegetables, before being garnished with aromatic spices. Its appeal not only comes from its low price but its signature crisp texture. Plus, depending on the chef, you might even get to experience regional varieties too!

Jollof Rice

Hailing from West Africa, jollof rice is an iconic dish for both its look and flavour. Distinctly coloured with a reddish-orange vibrancy, jollof has an amazing smoky spice that is truly unforgettable. It is made with tomatoes and peppers, typically scotch bonnets, which are used to create a sauce within which the rice cooks. This dish, thankfully, is becoming so popular that it can even be found in supermarkets, such as the well-known jollof rice by VaroFoods.

Fried Spaghetti

A lesser-known Italian street food is perhaps one of its best. Fried spaghetti is as it sounds, taking spaghetti and dipping it into a cheesy mix before seeing it placed upon a hot grill. The outer layer becomes crisp, while the inside remains gooey. There are a number of ingredients that can be added to fried spaghetti and its origin was derived from individuals who wanted a delicious way to reheat leftover spaghetti.


This Polish doughnut might look unassuming and many passersby do mistake it for a Western equivalent. Paczki, however, should not be overlooked. These delicious desserts are made with much more indulgent ingredients than doughnuts and have an immense, rich taste. They can also be made with a little Polish vodka too!

Ethiopian Coffee

In Ethiopia, coffee is cooked over hot coals, kept in place until it bubbles over. It is also typically for coffee to be served street side and with a helping of popcorn too. Those who are familiar with the world of coffee will know just how revered Ethiopian coffee beans are and for good reason. Few will have tasted coffee that is so delicious.

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