Top 5 foods to try in Tuscany during a food tour

Have you been planning a food tour to Tuscany? You have landed the right page. One cannot have a successful trip without proper planning and research. We are glad you are looking for pages to help you with information regarding food tours to Tuscany. In this article, we shall help you with some of the best places that you can explore during your journey.

We bet, you will not get better taste anywhere of these dishes as you would here. Thus, people from different parts of the world travel to Tuscany to enjoy a fine dine experience. Let’s discuss few most prominent dishes of Tuscany that will leave your mouth water for days.

Top 5 foods to try in Tuscany during a food tour:

  1. Ribolita:

Made from the finest breads, Ribolita is one thing that you cannot miss in Tuscany. To add more to the taste, they serve it with beans and kale soups. The soup is boiled twice and thus the name Ribolita.

  1. Acquacotta:

Acquacotta is rich in vegetables and poached eggs. To make it perfect, they also grate pecorino. The presentation of the dish can make anyone curious to taste and hungry to eat. You must not miss this dish and learn how it is made so that you don’t miss Tuscany on going back home.

  1. Potato Tortelli:

This combination of spinach, fresh filled pasta, potato tortelli, and meat sauce can turn any poor eater a foodie! It is one of the most prominent dishes in Tuscany. You will find many cafes serving this. We bet, you would want to call the chef and learn how he has made this during your food tour to this place.

  1. Chicken Liver Pate:

Chicken being globally loved cannot be missed in this style in Tuscany. These are cooked with vegetables, creamy butter, capers, and served with toasted slices of bread. They make every excuse to be in Tuscany and repeat the journey just to taste the same.

  1. Lampredotto:

If you are looking for a typical street food, Lampredotto is the best dish to try. It is one of the favourites of local residents. This dish is not just meant to eat; it represents the culture, lifestyle, and taste of people of Tuscany.

Other than the above popular dishes, there are various other food varieties to explore from the international kitchen of Tuscany. Plan your trip in a manner that you get more days and time to eat.

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