BBQs 2u Is Now Representing Ooni Koda In The UK

Since 2002, BBQs 2u has been entertaining people of UK with delicious barbeques, and now this family business is further expanding its business by representing some of the best oven companies of the world that are related to barbeques and grilled food.

Ooni Koda is the leading brand of oven makers will now be represented by BBQs 2 u in the UK and all the after-sales services will also be the responsibility of BBQs 2u. The users can now buy accessories of Ooni Koda from BBQs 2u at an affordable price in UK.

Various models of Ooni Pizza Ovens will enable all users to prepare a delicious pizza all by themselves and if any guidance is needed then BBQs 2u is always ready to share the knowledge and experience of preparing delicious pizza.

Ooni Koda design, make and sell their AMAZING pizza ovens. Their ovens are so AMAZING that it will be an injustice to use this adjective in lower-case adjectives.

They have been selling their pizza ovens all throughout the world so far and now have partnered with BBAs 2u to sell their ovens in the UK. The specialty of their oven is that users can cook hot and fast a truly great pizza.

The entire models of Ooni Koda can get hot as hell at the temperature of 950°F/500°C and cook incredible pizza just in 60 seconds only. Before Ooni appeared, if you ever liked to eat pizza then you had to visit BBQs 2 u and spend your money to get a delicious pizza. However, not anymore!

Now, BBQs 2 u will not only sell you Ooni Koda models of ovens but also share various tips on how to prepare as delicious pizza that you have been eating before from BBQs 2u.

Because everyone deserves to eat a great pizza and that is why Ooni Koda has designed and developed excellent models of their oven so that people can prepare the pizza of their own.

It was their simple idea, but for a noble cause and that is behind the reason why Ooni Koda has come out with their oven models. Ooni Koda wants that their oven reaches every home and every man and woman can enjoy eating a delicious pizza by preparing with their own hands.

The company of Ooni was actually founded by a husband-and-wife team, called Darina Garland and Kristian Tapaninaho.

Before opening this company, both Kristian and Darina actually were running an education-based company for promoting innovation and creativity, and also various problem-solving techniques within the school communities.

One problem that was too frustrating for them was that they could not prepare pizza as delicious that was available in restaurants. Although none of them were engineers but they started drawing various sketches of pizza ovens and created the first proto-type oven. Thus, the Ooni Koda oven was born. The rest is just history!

These days, you can find information about Ooni Koda ovens on social media sites too like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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