3 Reasons to Get a NESCAFÉ Coffee Machine

If it’s a coffee vending machine you need, look no further than a NESCAFÉ coffee machine. We explain why.

Ah, coffee! It is the most preferred ‘energy drink’ of the world. It is brewed and consumed in different ways in different countries. While Europeans and Middle Easterners prefer their coffee strong and black, Asian countries like to add milk and sugar to their daily brew. Coffee is widely popular in India as well, especially in offices, hospitals, business centres and other commercial places of work.

Most offices and businesses today prefer to install coffee vending machines so that both staff and visitors can have easy access to their favourite brew. If your office is still without a coffee vending machine, it is time to lease one. The best choice is the NESCAFÉ coffee machine.

Broadly, these are 3 reasons to get a NESCAFÉ coffee machine:

1 Wide range of beverages. Most coffee vending machines in India offer a choice of about 4 brews. The NESCAFÉ coffee machine is the only one to offer a choice of 8+ brews! When you have it installed at your place of work, you get a choice between coffees, teas and hot chocolate. You can choose the ones you need from amongst these options – Espresso, Espresso Macchiato, Cappuccino, Café Latte, Café Mocha, Hot Chocolate and also teas from the house of NESTEA – Cardamom Tea, Masala Chai, or Hot Lemon Tea. Imagine the thrill of aromatic coffee at just the press of a button, and being able to choose from a bold Espresso to a strong Cappuccino to a creamy Café Latte!

2 Easy to install and maintain. The NESCAFÉ coffee machine is a no-fuss, low-maintenance coffee vending machine that requires minimal daily intervention. All you have to do is ensure that the machine is cleaned daily and that all ingredients are replenished regularly for use. The NESTLÉ coffee machine comes with a standardized annual maintenance program so that the machine is serviced regularly by an authorized agent.

3 Excellent quality across touchpoints. All the ingredients used in the NESCAFÉ coffee machine are manufactured by NESTLÉ. This automatically ensures the highest standards of quality across all touchpoints, from choosing the raw ingredients to the performance of the vending machine itself. All you have to do is ask for the most suitable NESCAFÉ coffee machine for your place of work basis your consumption requirements. The company then sends its trained personnel to install the machine and give you a demo on using it. Your kitchen/pantry staff are trained on simple steps to clean the machine regularly to maintain hygiene standards. Apart from preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance and machine installation, the company also trains your staff on usage and maintenance of the machine.

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